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The title of the new book has changed


The new paranormal thriller is releasing in January’ 22…

Infernal curse- Beyond the Sheol (Can a foetus be born again?)

From ten to adulthood, the foetus remained inside the womb, but whose? Who is the bearer of the evil soul now? And, how will they get their hands on Shivangi Chopra? What do they want from her? You will unlock a world of unsolved mysteries, miraculous revelations, and terrifying ghostly visits going back a decade. Neither the curse nor the evil forces with their even more dreadful sinister plan could be defeated? What does John Lutvik, the fake Necromancer plan for the Astral world? No one knew, not even John.

PERILOUS DESTINY- An intriguing thriller, a battle of an unwed mother of twin daughters against those who thought she could never win., watch the trailer.


It is an honour to win the Asian Literary Award’ 22 for exceptional story contents for all the three novels published. (I wasn’t born for this, Enwombed-The Evil within and Infernal curse-Beyond the Sheol). The certificate presented by Aesthetic International, a division of Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The award shall be presented in November’ 22.

Amazon links for my books : I wasn’t born for this. : Enwombed- The evil within. : Infernal curse- Beyond the Sheol (Sequel of Enwombed-The evil within.)

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